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Welcome to TezThots!

Every day (excluding Sundays) there are new packs posted of the hottest Onlyfans thots, Patreon thots, Manyvids thots and other random thots.

You can view galleries and download packs on TezThots for free but there are some limitations:
  • Download speeds will be slower and the size of the packs you can download have to be 10GB or less.

If you want to download larger packs (up to 50GB per day), have faster downloads, and also get rid of all the ads on TezThots.com then purchase a premium TezFiles account and you will receive a lifetime TezThots VIP account here on our forum.

After purchasing your TezFiles account send me a DM titled "VIP" (it's not necessary to include any other info), I will check your purchase then activate you. YOU MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS ON TEZFILES.COM AND TEZTHOTS.COM! Please note you must purchase the membership directly from our site by following this link:

Or following any of the download links in our forum on tezfiles. If you go directly to Tezfiles to buy your membership it will not work and you will not be activated.


As long as the signup page says Subscribe For: TezThots.com you are on the right page.​

You remain a TezThots.com VIP member for lifetime even if you stop paying for TezFiles Premium, however if you still want fast download speeds and larger file size limits (50GB per day instead of 10GB per day) you need to maintain a premium TezFiles account.


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